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Friday Harbor, Shaw Island and Port Townsend.

We are off on our big cruising adventure!  Here are some photos from one week into our trip.



The Lady Washington in Friday Harbor, San Jaun Island. This ship was used in the movie "Pirates of the Carribean" as the "Interceptor".

Lady Washington in Friday Harbor. Kids on the floating breakwater.

Kelsey, DD and RJ about the Lady Washington, Friday Harbor, San Jaun Island

Climbing the rigging on the Lady Washington

Arrrggggh Matties!

Eric up the mast replacing the fog horn loud speaker in Friday Harbor.

Family comes to visit in Friday Harbor

Kesley in front of her favorite ride at the San Jaun County fair.

RJ in front of his favorite ride at the fair

Kelsey with cotton candy at the San Jaun County fair on San Jaun Island

Only you can prevent forest fires.

RJ's good friend Cole's Mammi's house on Shaw Island

Dock construction next door on Shaw Island

RJ riding the Quad at Cole's house.

Kelsey on the Quad runner on Shaw Island

Kelsey the motorcycle chick!

Shaw Island house view.

Dodging Freighters in the Strait of Juan De Fuca on the way to Port Townsend

Melissa's parents come see us in Port Townsend.

RJ and Kelsey with friends Tristen and Grayson in the Point Hudson marina.

Mr. B and Kimmy coem to see us in Port Townsend.

Welcome to Point Hudson marina, Port Townsend.

Bye bye Kimmy! We love ya!

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