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In 2002, we spent 3 weeks circumnavigating Vancouver Island.  It was a fast trip and we covered 900 nautical miles in that time.   Here are some photos from our trip down the West Coast of Vancouver Island from that adventure.

Don't miss the second page and third page of photos from this trip!



Mel in the cockpit

This is off the NW corner of Vancouver Island

Cape Scott, NW corner of Vancouver Island

Another shot of the NW end of Vancouver Is.

Dusk in Sea Otter Cove.

Mooring buoy in Sea Otter Cove.

Now this is an industrial strength mooring!

Sula from the top of the mast.

Another shot from the mast.

Sea Otter Cove from the top of the mast. Note the tricky entrance.

Mooring buoys in Sea Otter Cove, all in a line on the same moster chain.

Replacing the anemometer, which blew off in Johnstone Strait in 50kt winds.

Dingy shot. Still in Sea Otter Cove.

Looking inland.

Kains Island Lighthouse near Forward Inlet

Winter Harbor

On the dock for a few hours in Winter Harbor

Walking the Boardwalk in Winter Harbor

Winter Harbor Fishing Machine

The owner transports this contraption disassembled overland in his motorhome, then assembles it on the spot.

Remains of a fishing vessel, Winter Harbor

Kelsey with her Dad, Klaskino Anchorage

One room Fishing Hotel. You can rent this, just float plane in!

Mel doing some trip planning

Early morning, Klaskino Anchorage

We loved this anchorage. Super protected, beautiful scenery, monsterous mooring bouys. There is a lovely little waterfall nearby, some great beaches to explore and we even had whales come into the anchorage and under the boat at dusk! Highly recommended.

Waterfall at Klaskino Anchorage

Near the anchorage area is a lovely little waterfall with a perfact wading pool for the kids.

RJ having fun at the waterfall, Klaskino Anchorage

Wading pool at the waterfall, Klaskino Anchorage

Appropriate beach attire for NW Canadian beaches

Whale in Brooks Bay

Solander Island off Brooks Penisula

Sea Lions on Solander Island

Sea Otter south of Brooks Penisula

Walter's Cove

Sea Stack near Walter's Cove

Boardwalk in Walter's Cove

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