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In 2002, we spent 3 weeks circumnavigating Vancouver Island.  It was a fast trip and we covered 900 nautical miles in that time.   Here are some photos from our trip down the West Coast of Vancouver Island from that adventure.



Another starfish shot.

Sula from the inflatable kayak

Mel finially gets to relax for a minute or two

Anchored, Joes' Bay in the Broken Group

The kids boat.

Lazy beach afternoon.


RJ builds a rock carin

Kelsey's creation

Beach fire

RJ gives dad a lift.

Dad relaxing with a book

Yes, that is breakfast I'm eating in the kayak!

Legos on deck

Kelsey blowing bubbles

Brady beach, outside Bamfield

RJ the sand man!

Oh Daddy.

Bamfield dock


Wing and wing down the strait of Jaun De Fuca towards Victoria

Race Rocks

Victoria, 21 days later

We made it!

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