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In 2002, we spent 3 weeks circumnavigating Vancouver Island.  It was a fast trip and we covered 900 nautical miles in that time.   Here are some photos from our trip down the West Coast of Vancouver Island from that adventure.

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Great Driftwood!

Entrance to inner bay, Dixie Cove.

Offshore Sea Stack

More trip planning

Fog in Queen Cove, Esperanza Inlet

Fish farm in Birthday Channel

Blue skies in Nootka Sound


Meepers the cat in his usual spot - napping in the cockpit

Super wow!

Friendly Cove light house

Stained glass windows in the Friendly Cove chuch. Gifts from Spain

Friendly Cove

Mel and the kids at the lighthouse

What good kids!

Kids on the beach in Friendly Cove

Humpback whale outside Hot Springs Cove

Eric and RJ in the hot springs at Hot Springs Cove

Ah! Relaxing. That water coming down the cliff comes out of the ground at 122 degrees farenheit!

On the rocks above the springs

Hot Springs viewed from the water

Hot Springs again

Kelsey found some bears in Tofino

RJ and the bears

Tofino in fog


Duffin Cove, just around the corner from Tofino

Eric and the kids, motoring through a calm

The girls on the fordeck. Note the jack lines.

Meepers wakes up!

Dusk in Joes' bay, Broken Group, Barkley Sound

Kids Kayacking in the Broken Group

Look mom, we caught a starfish!

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