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Contact Us

We are out cruising again, so won't be answering answering either our home phone and Melissa's cell phone.

We'd sure love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop us a text-only message via email.   We will respond as time and connectivity allows!

We do have a satellite phone onboard.  If the issue is urgent, this is the best way to get hold of us in a hurry.  See the phone and text message instructions here.

When on passage or in remote cruising locations, we utilize high frequency radio and/or satellite-based communication mechanisms for email.  As the bandwidth of both of these methods is limited and expensive, we are unable to receive messages with attachments at the above address.  We'd still love to see your photos, so if you want to send us something with attachments, use this address and we will check it out the next time we find internet access with reasonable bandwidth.

Eric's cell phone was killed in the San Simeon beach landing incident, so don't bother calling that number if you have it.  We hated AT&T anyway (lousy coverage, lousy rates, lousy service) so we're glad it's gone.  We were planning on discontinuing it anyway.  Melissa's cell phone is still working, but it won't be on unless we are back in the states.

If you are interested in receiving periodic email updates from us, check out our Mailing List Page.