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Here are some interesting links we have come across:

S/V Trinity  This a great site by some cruising friends of ours from Seattle who sold their house, quit their jobs and took off down the coast in their HR 46 to Mexico on an open ended adventure.  We buddy boated with them for most of our 2004-2005 Central American Adventure.  They have two boys about the same ages as our kids.   Serious cruisers and super fun people.  Look for them in our logs and follow their site as they continue their open-ended cruising adventure!

S/V Desiderata  We met the McConnells in November 2004 in La Paz, Mexico and became fast friends.  Great family on a great adventure.  It was really hard saying goodbye to these guys when we left Bahia del Sol in May 2005.  We really miss them, but will be following their own open-ended adventure via their really cool site.

S/V Stargazer  You can find Nick and Nicole from Stargazer starting in our December 2004 logs from the islands north of La Paz, Mexico and continuing all the way to Barra-de-Navidad, where sadly, we parted ways as they had to return to California and civilization and put Stargazer up for sale.  Something about getting married in Australia I think....  A really fun couple in their 20's living the dream right now.

S/V Avanti  Sam and Nadia and their daughter Julie are cruising buddies we met on the 2004 Baja Ha-Ha.  We hung out with them on and off all through our 2004-2005 Central American adventure and both Sula and Avanti rode the same Dockwise transport up to Vancouver BC.  Great folks, great friends who we hope to cruise more with in the Pacific Northwest.

Stiggs Afloat  We have never met these folks, but they look like they are having a lot of fun.  They left last year from Seattle and are doing exactly what we plan to do, just a year ahead of us.  We are also jealous of their killer web site.  Lots of great photos.

Tioga Adventures  We've never met these people either, but they buddy boated with friends of ours while they were in Mexico - Mike and Jinny and their kids on S/V Atalanta.  Great site, lots of inspiration here.

S/V Felicity  Okay, now we are really jealous.  Another great site with tons of logs and photos from their adventures in Mexico and the South Pacific.   Don't miss their article on cruising  the South Pacific and New Zealand for new comers. 

Mahina Expeditions  This is the well known site of the John Neil and Amanda Swan Neil - friends of ours who teach open ocean blue water sailing skills for a living.  Ah, what a life.   Melissa joined them on a 2 week expedition in Alaska in 1999 in preparation for our 2000 trip.  Eric just got back from joining them on a 4 week passage from Auckland, NZ  to Papeete Tahiti via Raivave and Tubuai in the Austral Islands aboard their Hallberg-Rassy 46' Mahina Tiare III.   Lots of great sailing, cruising and weather information plus photos and trip reports of all their passages going back many years.  A wealth of information.

Hallberg-Rassy Yachts   We would be remiss if we didn't link to the mother ship here.  These guys make the best blue-water sailing yachts in the world from 32 to 62 feet (including ours).  Photos, specifications, interior layouts and more.  Some of the best boat-porn around.

HR Parts and Accessories  If you own a Hallberg-Rassy, you soon discover this site to be invaluable.  Vickie at HR Parts works wonders and can ship you absolutely anything you might need parts-wise anywhere on the planet.  Truly one of the hidden benefits of owning a HR.

Sound Rigging and Yacht Services (now under the banner of Yacht Masters).  This is a placeholder to link to a site they say they will be up shortly.  If you want super high quality work done on your boat in the Seattle area for a fair price, from rigging to cabinetry and especially electronics installation, these are the guys to use.  Highly recommended.  Contact Todd at toddr@yachtmastersnw.com

McMaster Carr  You want a bolt, fastener, or tool, it's here. 

GPS City  These guys rock.  Anything you might need in the GPS area at probably the best price you will find anywhere.  We've ordered a bunch of stuff from them and it is always the least expensive of anywhere we looked.  They were also the only ones we found who carried the custom RAM PC Display mount I wanted in stock.  They literally shipped it 30 minutes after we ordered it on-line.

NOAA Weather FAX Page for the Gulf of Mexico.  Your tax dollars at work.  We used this link often when cruising Pacific Central America as most of the weather on the Pacific side comes across the Isthmus from the Gulf side once you get near the Equator.