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Our year-long voyage from Seattle to Pacific Mexico and Central America has ended.  We are currently back in Seattle. We plan to do some coastal cruising in the Pacific Northwest during the remainder of 2005, but will likely not be updating this page or our position until our next big adventure in 2006.

When we are on passage, the link below will take you to the YOTREPS site and display our track, made up of our reported positions.   When at sea, the email program we use automatically piggybacks a position report (taken from our GPS) over the HF radio link every time we send email or when we explicitly tell it to send one.  Thus, the position reports you see here only represent the positions where we were successfully able to send email updates from sea.

Remember that even in the normal course of events marine communications can be very difficult to maintain. If you do not find us where you think we should be, under NO circumstances is this sufficient to conclude that we are in any difficulty.

Click Here For Our Latest Position