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Calling us

We have an Iridium satellite phone on board.  To call us, simply dial the international access number for your country (in the US, its 011) and then our phone number 881631535906. 

Please note that some long distance carriers may not be able to connect you to an Iridium telephone number.  You may want to contact your long distance provider and insure you can connect to country code "8816" (the country code for the Iridium Satellite Phone Network).  Additionally, you may want to check the rates your long distance provider will charge you to call us.  It's free for us when you call, so please do, but it could cost you several dollars per minute or more.

You can also send us short (up to 120 characters) text messages on our phone.  This is free.  Simply email your message to 881631535906@msg.iridium.com.  This is a great way to get a short message to us quickly.

We don't generally take the phone with us when we go ashore, so calling in the evening or morning is the best time to get us.  Local time for us in this part of Mexico is GMT - 7:00 hours, which until Spring time, is the same as the US "mountain" time zone.

We look forward to hearing from you!