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San Francisco Exploratorium

We spent most of a day at the San Francisco Exploratorium, often called the best hands-on science museum in the world.  This place has over 600 permanent exhibits, exploring everything from physics and electricity to light, sound and life.  A staff of "artists" constantly fashions new exhibits.  You could spend days here exploring and learning.  If they hadn't kicked us out at closing, we might still be there!

The kids really had a good time and learned a lot about centrifugal force, torque and perspective.

Just click on the photos for larger sizes.


Leif and RJ demonstrating the strength of materials under compression. Okay, maybe their just having fun building bridge.

Infrared image of the four of us. White is hot.

Kelsey demonstrating centrefugal force and the conversation of angular momentum. Or maybe she's just having fun spinning.

One drink makes you smaller and one drink makes you tall...

Leif, RJ and Gage viewed from a different perspective.

RJ testing his periphreal vision.

The kids learning card tricks. They loved this! Now, every new person they meet, they can't wait to do the tricks they learned.

RJ in the focus of one of a pair of accousitc parablic reflecting dishes. "It's cool Dad! I can hear you whisper accorss the room!"

Mel learning about electricity generation and circuit continuity..

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