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Pier 39 and Alcatraz

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without walking around Fisherman's wharf, Pier 39 and taking a ferry over to Alcatraz for an afternoon.  We took a bus or ferry to Pier 39 from Sausalito several times during our two week stay in the bay area to walk around, site see, get our salt water taffy fix and of course do a little souvenir shopping.  Pier 39 is very touristy, but the kids liked it and we ended up taking advantage of most of the attractions there including a "4D" simulated motion ride and trampoline jumping.  Towards the end of our stay, we grabbed a ferry to Alcatraz, where the kids had a great time exploring and listening to the recorded tour and imagining what it would have been like to be a prisoner in this most well known of federal prisons. 

Just click on the photos for larger sizes.


There are a lot of street vendors in the torist areas near Fisherman's Wharf. Most are junk, but a few like this guy, have unique art or jewlery.

The kids pick out a necklace.

This guy attrached a large crowd with his antics and enthralled the kids.

RJ and Kelsey on a seal sculpture near Pier 39.

Mugging for the camera on a cable car on the Hyde Street line. We gave a clever pan handler a buck to take this photo.

Trampoline jumping on Pier 39.

What a good boy!

Check out the J120's racing ion the background. It was very windy!

Alcatraz Island as seen from Peir 39. The ferrys fill up fast. We were lucky to get tickets for the last ferry of the day!

One of the many ferries that criss cross San Francisco Bay. We rode the Blue and Gold line several times between Sausalito and San Francisco.

Watching the J120's race on a windy Friday from Peir 39. There were proably close to 100 J120's and 20 J160s.

RJ and Kelsey behind bars at Alcatraz.

To a parent, there is something attractive about this photo is a twisted sort of way...

The kids wearing audio tour headphones at Alcatraz. It was the quietest 30 minutes of the trip so far.

Water sculpture near the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

RJ and Kel broadening themselves through art appreciation.

Another shot. The kids loved playing in, on and around it while we waited for our ferry back to Suasalito.

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