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During the two weeks we spent in the San Francisco Bay area, we kept the boat at Schoonmaker marina in Sausalito.  The marina is one of the few in the area that have dock space for transient boats but besides that, Sausalito is fun place to hang out and explore.  There is a small beach right in the middle of the marina and laundry facilities, grocery shopping and even a West Marine are all within easy biking distance.

Here is a collection of photos taken around the marina and in Sausalito.  Just click on the photos for larger sizes.


Kelsey with her friend Audrey. Audrey's family spends their weeekends on their boat in the marina. They basically adopted us.

Kelsey, RJ, Austin and Audrey. Great freinds and great times at the beach. What a treat to meet such a great family with kids the same ages.

RJ doing his school work. School started onboard Monday, September 6th (yes, labor day). So far, the kids (and teachers) are doing well.

RJ studying the cell structure of an onion skin. We learned that all living things are made of cells, but that cells can differ between tissues.

Kelsey working on her history in the cockpit.

There are steet performers even in Sausalito. Here, the birdman with his "Bird Calidascope" lets RJ hold "Pearl", his new Makaw.

Sunset in Suasalito with a parrot on your arm. Arrrrg maties!

RJ liked this cool kit car in front of the pizza joint. He was amazed that underneath it was a 1966 slug bug!

Good budies. Leif and RJ.

Melissa's good friend Ann and her family came to visit us one weekend.

RJ and Kelsey with Sean and Ryan who came to visit us from Sacrementto.

Ryan, Ann, Brian, Laura and Sean from Sacremento. Good friends come to visit. Was great to see you guys!

The Hawaiian Cheiftain. Rumor has it it is for sale. $900k has you sailing away with the boat and the evening sunset sail business!

Castle on the beach. The kids worked hard on this and built a pyramid castle complete with mote and flag!

Kelsey with her shell collection from Angel Island, where we took the dingy one day.

RJ helping dry the dishes.

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