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Santa Catalina to San Diego

We departed Avalon for San Diego early on the morning of the 8th and arrived at the Marriot Marina late in the afternoon, where we spent our first three nights.  Mel's parents, Ken and Margaret, came to visit us and since they were staying at the Sheraton, we moved the boat there on the 11th.  All the waterfront hotels own the marinas here you see - you can tell by the moorage prices they charge!  Some places wanted as much as $3 per foot per night!  That is, if you could somewhere with an open slip at all!  I guess the hotels forget your bringing your own own room with you!  At least we got to use the pool.

During the few days Ken and Margaret were in town, we toured the USS Midway (now a US Navel museum) ventured to Sea World, walked around Balboa Park and of course, hung out at the pool.  Eric also got a lot of boat chores completed including installing the last of the new AGM batteries (Boat Electric in Seattle did not have enough, so they arranged for us to pick up the last two here in San Diego) and having a local sail loft perform a "battenectomy" on our old main sail.  Battens in roller furling mains are finicky at best and we have had enough of ours.   It jammed on the mast extrusion at the wrong time outside of San Francisco Bay so we made the decision to lose a little roach in favor of a much more predictable and reliable sail.  Our new main, built by Port Townsend Sails, is batten-less and performed wonderfully the rest of the way down the coast.

As always, click on the photos for larger sizes. 


This little guy joined us 30 miles from land on the passage from Avalon to San Diego. Visability was very poor. We were the only place to land!

A Trident nuclear submarine in dry dock near the entrance to San Diego Harbor. Can you say "Navy Town"?

The aircraft carrier Ronald Regan, the largest and newest in the fleet - that is until the George W. Bush lauches in 2007!

Note the anti-terrorist floating barricades.

A carrier escort ship. Navy ships of all kinds travel up and down the harbor every day.

Sula stickign out of a 45 ft slip (the others were too narrow) at the Marriot Marina. ice place, nice pool and hot tub, but oh, so expensive....

Melissa's parents, Ken and Margaret visit us in San Diego.

RJ's favorite ride at SeaWorld: Atlantis. Only Poppy was brave enough to go with him!

Feeding the Sea Lions at Sea World.

What are you looking at?

Give me that now!!!

The aircraft carrier Midway, decommisioned in 1992, now a navel muesum on the San Diego waterfront.

Man, this is one big boat and it's small by today's standards!

Where's the eject button?

Kelsey, WW I figher Ace, in search of the Red Baron...

RJ, the Mig pilot.

This F-14 Tomcat is longer than our boat!

Mel and family on the Midway.

Kelsey loves her Marmit!

Marmit and Kelsey Margaret at Balboa Park.

The kids at the artist studio area of Balboa Park.

This crazy flock of birds flew aroudn in perfect, tight formation over our heads at Balboa Park for over 1/2 an hour, swooping and turning.


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