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Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

Bahia del Sol is a wonderful place.  The estuary is huge, with several rivers flowing into it including the largest river in Central America.  There are islands and inlets to explore and many locals living in and around the waterways.  Everyday the inlets come alive with fishermen in dugout canoes and panagas and many species of birds including thousands of Snowy Egrets nest on the many mangrove-covered islands.

The main cruiser hangout is the Hotel Bahia Del Sol, which has a dingy dock, not one but two very nice pools and even gives 30% off on their menu to cruisers!  Our kind of place.

Here is an assortment of photos that should give you a taste of what this fantastic part of this unique country is like.  As always, click on the images to see a larger view.


Crusiers taking a Panga ride up the esturary to visit a local school.

Local El Salvadoran fisherman in hand-carved canoe.

Visiting the classroom of a local school on one of the islands in the esturary.

Presenting the teacher with various school supplies we brought from the US.

El Salvador school girls on the plaground.

Checking out the classroom

Instant resturant on the esturary. We called ahead and had them set this up in the middle of nowhere for the 25 of us on the trip.

Lunch with a view!

This way lies El Bano. Talk about outdoor plumbing!

Moo. A cow makes it's way through the anchorage.

Kelsey and friend at the Hotel Bahia del Sol.

Emilies' resturant, a nearby tienda and papoosa place near the anchorage. Note the turkey on the fence, part of the unique atmosphere.

Dingy dock at the Hotel Bahia del Sol.

Cruising kids and their model boats about to be launched in the hotel pool.


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