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Puesta Del Sol, Nicaragua

Puesta del Sol hotel and marina is a small slice of paradise.  Newly opened over the last couple of years, the marina is first class with everything from great potable water on the dock from their own wells to wireless internet access.  They have two infinity pools, one near the marina and one on the beach looking out over the Pacific ocean.  A very nice place to stop for a while and have a "Davis Colins" (named after Davis, the hotel director) by the pool.

About the only downside is the weather.  "Tropical Waves" come through this time of year every few days or so, bringing impressive bolts of lightning and heavy rain, but they generally only last for an hour or two.  Still, the lightning is scary for sailboats and we have gotten into the habit of disconnecting every piece of electronics we can and stowing what will fit in the microwave and oven.  We just have to be sure to remember to pull the laptops out of the oven before baking scones for breakfast!

Anyone heading south from Mexico or El Salvador to Costa Rica should really consider a stop here at this first class facility.

As always, click on the images to see a larger view.


The beach pool at Pesta Del Sol. Very nice and we had it all to ourselves more often than not!

Thunderhead clouds in a "Tropical Wave" as it passes on it's way west. Lots of lightning and thunder, but no wind or waves.

Ominious clouds. Time for the lightning drill!

Everything electronic that can fit goes into the stove or microwave on the therory that they will act as a Faraday cage and protect their contents.

One of the hotel buildings at Puesta del Sol. Very nice. Note the lightning rods on the roof!

Local canoes on the beach near the marina.

The entrance sea bouy for the marina ready to be sand blasted and painted.

Cooling off in the pool. The esturary entrance can be seen in the background.

Grandkids from s/v Wayfinder visit in Nicaragua and the kids have a movie night on Sula.

Zincs go faster down here. These are from the heat exchanger on the generator. The one on the left is new, the right one about 6 months old.

Horseback riding in Nicaragua.

Poor horse!

Eric decides to give the horse a break and walk.

View from a nearby hill looking out towards the Pacific ocean and the esturary/marina entrance.

Kelsey riding on her own.

Get along little cowboy!

A typical Nicaraguan family home near the marina.

The local market in the town of Chinendega, about an hour from the marina.

Mel finds a Papaya - a 2 foot Papaya!!! - at the local market. We have to be carfull not to fall asleep next to that thing!

This area reserved for horse cart parking!

The marina puts it's Coronado 15 in the water for use by hotel guests and forgets to put in the drain plug. We used Sula's windlass to float her.

Eric built a home-made directional antenna to provide wireless intenet coverage for the boats on the marina dock.


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