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Eric's South Pacific Adventure aboard Mahina Tiare III May-June 2004

In May 2004, Eric joined friends and sailing mentors John Neil and Amanda Swan Neil on a passage from Auckland New Zealand, to Papette Tahiti via the islands of Raivave and Tubuai in the Austral islands.  It was John and Amanda who helped us make the decision to go with an HR 53 for our own boat.   This trip was Leg 1 of their 2004 season of sailing instruction passages.  You can see log updates and photos from that leg and others at John and Amanda's most excellent site.



Westhaven marina, Auckland NZ

The Mahina Tiare III in Westhaven marina prior to departure.

Small hotel where Eric and other crew stayed in Auckland.

Getting a weather breifing from Bob at the Met Service in Auckland.

The crew. Edgar, Amanda, Eric, Stanley, Ian and Eran.

Auckland harbor customs dock.

Clearing out of NZ.

Bye bye Auckland.

Life raft inspection.

Eric at the helm

Dolphins only hours into the trip.

Cute arn't they?

Eran at the helm

Stanley at the helm.

Eric driving with modest waves.

Ian trying to surf.

Amanda at the wheel.

Rig inspection time.

"You want to look for little itty bitty cracks like this..."

Space walk anyone?

First sunset at sea.

Swimming 1000 miles from land.


Eric with his (small) mahi mahi.

Land fall at Raivave

Bow watch for coral off Raivavae

Sewing ditty bags from spinniker scraps.

Man, this engine gets hot in the tropics!

Eric focusing. "The rabbit comes out of the hole..."

Amanda demonstrating her new fashion wear.

More Mahina Trip Photos